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03:19am 06/12/2005
  fuck the french  
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i may have found the meaning of life   
12:50pm 02/12/2005
mood: on a mission
i think i found the meaning of life
but im not totaly shure

i need proof

well im off to find it

ill post more when i know for shure
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pat benatar saved my life   
02:42am 02/12/2005
mood: a love song from 1983
hit the deck soilder
carlies in the trees
artilry fire
im hit sarg
im not going to make it
kill those nazi basterds
and tell wife i love her

god damn

love is a battlefeild
03:49pm 27/11/2005
  never look a bounty hunter in the eye, damn  
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kill whitey   
11:37am 22/11/2005
mood: blah
it snowed today
i forgot about snow

i want to build a snow man

simon sucks
and now i have to drive
to school

eric called me last night
and asked if i wanted to sing for his band
it sound like it could be fun

well shit i have to go

god bless
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01:33pm 07/11/2005
  im rollin down rodeo
with a shot gun

these people havent scene a brown skin man
sence ther gradparents bought one
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emmas nuts   
01:30pm 07/11/2005
  so i just want it stated
for the recored
i did not make that last entry

i hate fall out boy
im not strait edge
and im not scene enoufe for myspace

that was emma being
a crazy pirate hooker
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Sugar we're going down swinging.   
03:33pm 05/11/2005
  I'll be your number one with a bullet, loaded god complex, cock it and pullit.

All I have to say is my girl friend powns,
and I am xstraightxedgex hxc scene.
and its teh sex.
you all should get a holdof meon my space.\

fuck yess.

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this has no point, i lost my mind   
02:56am 28/10/2005
mood: sleepy
so tired

nothing to write about

im not max
i am a robot
from the sun
i have come to eat your face
and punch your baby
coke is way better then pepsi
ducks make me happy
so does my car when it starts
i lost my gun key chain
it made me sad
pineapples are sweet
so is the great pumkin
and emma
simon is still a jap
im tired
kill whitey
keep it real
god bless

and good
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01:51am 24/10/2005
  oh and by the way
simon is still a jap

but buddy dont think
i dont love ya

dont let them give you shit about your ponytail
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01:47am 24/10/2005
mood: amused
a peach of a week end

i love life
and i love my girl freind

thats about all i have to say
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lets start a war   
01:32pm 14/10/2005
mood: curious
so i woke
up today and decicded
to wage a personal war

agaisnt what im not realy shure

but i am shure that i need renforcements

i need troops

so meet me at the flagpole at a quater after four

and bring your dadys shot gun

were going to take those basterds down
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02:25am 12/10/2005
  simon is a jap

go back to your country
damn it
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03:42pm 10/10/2005
  i like my women
the same way i like my cofee

in a cheap plastic cup
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04:08am 04/10/2005
  i wish i was as cool as danny glover  
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you stormed off to scare the armada   
02:15pm 30/09/2005
mood: excited
i love fall
i realy do

im going to go jump into a pile a leaves
but that means i have to rake
and i dont have a yard
well damn

this is another ademt to update on a regaler basis
iv been i real good mood latly
i think found iner peace
but i still belive ther are ghosts following me

this weekend should be a funfest
party tomarow at erics
be ther if your a badass
then sunday simon eric and i are going to
see coheed and cambria at the state

fuck yeah
total fun fest

now im off to go find thatpile of leaves

youall have lovly day
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03:37pm 12/09/2005
  come dance with me  
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fuck you and your cowboy hat   
11:19pm 07/09/2005
mood: mischievous
holy shit its been for ever

i need to stop necleting my lj

so alot as changed sence i last posted
i quite my job a few weeks ago cause my boss was a cunt
i hope to get a job at toys r us when i get mi liece
selling toys to little kids would make me happy

so the bands been oficaly dead for about a month now
it sucks
it died before we got a chance to do any tihing with it
total blowfest

but a a up note simon and i a starting some form ofsideprojet
somting a lot differnt should be fun

also the other day when i was at dairy queen
i could swear ther was someone behind me in line
i turn around and thers nothing ther
i think im being followed by ghosts
katie just thinks im nuts

well goodnight
enjoy the night life
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01:38pm 05/08/2005

and again with the melons

i should not have to knock before
i walk into my own house
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i was shot from a canon and i landed in a flower bed   
01:40am 04/08/2005
mood: tired
holy shit!
its been likne forever and five days sence i last updated

iv been realy busy latly

i got a new job
a real job
with real hours

not this once a week shit
fuck bunnys

iv allso been busy with this play im going to be in

you should all go
its tomarow, friday, and saterday
at the barn theater in port sanilac
starts at 8

go and i love you forever

i wonder if emma will ever call me back
i hope so

good night to all my freids in la-la land
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