a step to the left (boywithbroknjaw) wrote,
a step to the left

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we'll settle this the old navy way,the first guy who dies loses

man its been awile
i keep fogeting about this thing

its fucking nice out right now
i feel weird saying that secne its janury
but it is

i want to go fly a kite
but mabye later cause im hungry

i need a job
im a bum

i have this feeling that im dested to become a hobo
and spend the rest of my days
geting in knife fights for bottles of vodka

well hopefully im wrong
but ethier
i need to get off my lazy ass

so my birthday is coming up
ill be 18
and can by porn
and lotry tickits
yay for me

well shit id write more
but vince just showed up
so im off
like a shot in the dark

keep it real
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