auteum causes summer to fall

i havent used this thing sence yoyos were cool
i blame myspace
but now that i think about it i kinda do like this thing better
emmas right it just feels more like home

so update update update

alot a crazy/bad stuuf hasd happend sence i last posted
this summer was kinda like the prologe to a shakespere tragdy
if that makes anysence

but thing have have going good latly

im realy glad to see summer end

fall bring change and a new look to life
i cant wait

lets go eat apples and jump in piles of leaves

kiss kiss
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i gots me a job


yay for me
im no longer destend to become a hobo

its at the movie theater in the mall
i start next week
movies and money whats not to like

by the way well i was there i was inside man
and it was a peach of a film
i dont want to sounds like a queer
but i think clive owens hot

now im going to go ride my bike
i dont care if its cold out

oh and the enrty before this is false
i didnt write it and i dont like falloutboy
but i do hunt for kelsy

later cowboys and cowgrils
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goin down down in an earlier round, Sugar we're goin' down swinging

hi my name is max
I eat babies, and smell like burnt rubber
and the soles of shoes
Emma basically owns my life.
I should worship every step she takes because she is horribly precious.
I would put her shit in an archive if I could.
but I won't.
because that is horribly creep-tastic.
I enjoy fishing.
and eating snails.
my pass-times include grave digging, and truffle hunting.
I like to sing for the opera, and I play the picollo for the detroit symphony orchestra.
I enjoy the occasional swim with dolphins, and dalton, though he and I have only met sparatically between long scuba diving trips off the arctic tundra.
Some times we hunt for gold, but usually, we just look for kelsey.
she hides under the muddiest rocks in the merkiest water, usually only half-clothed do to her possesion by the ghost of christmas past.
Generally we burn her at the stake, and eat her for dinner,
but last time we covered her in peanut butter and left her for the birds,
it is much more messy,
but we may try this tactic again.

I also love the band fall out boy,

Max F. Ewalt
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free kittens

do any of you crazy cat want a kitten

2 of emmas cats had kittens in the same day
come on you know you want one
ther cute

and i will bring it to your house
and give you a golden cookie

coment if intrested
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